Nice to meet you. My name’s Jim, and I advise folks on design and development…when I’m not building them a website.

I have over ten years of experience building feature-rich apps and cute little sites like this one. I’ve worn a lot of hats—Web Developer, Interaction Designer, Design Technologist, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, and Consultant.

As a consultant, I help to plan projects, estimate timelines, and most importantly…realize your ideas. I explain the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches and demystify the complexities of design and software development, so you can make informed decisions.

I’m also proficient in modern web development, and spend much of my time building responsive websites and style guides.

My most recent clients include Holografik and Method.

A few of the distinguished gentlemen I’ve worked with over the years have said…

Jim has worked with me at three different companies, so do I need to say more? The guy is a huge talent in Front End development and Managing Teams. One of, if not THE best front end engineers I have ever worked with. An asset to any team.

Scott Bedard, CTO

Jim is an experienced manager, developer, and product manager with a superior sense for usability and design. Having worked closely with Jim at CNET, Yahoo!, and Thismoment, I can say with authority that he’s one of the most professional and multi-talented individuals I’ve ever had [the] pleasure to work alongside. As a Product Manager I know Jim will always come to the table with a solution to any complex problem and a smile on his face.

Noel Morrison, Senior Business Operations Manager, iTunes
Apple Inc.

I am consistently impressed by Jim’s work ethic, practical ability to address problems and technical skill. As a manager he’s on top of things by developing a clear plan and by delegating responsibility to see it realized, and he’s got the chops to step in and do whatever is necessary to keep the project on track. He has a vast wealth of knowledge about user experience, design, and all the nuts and bolts of website development and is stoked about sharing it with others: a valuable asset in any of the many roles whose hats fit his noble head.

Jonathan Zuckerman, Senior Software Engineer