I’m a jack of all trades, and master of several, putting my expertise and varied work experience as a developer, designer, product manager, and engineering manager to use advising design firms and their clients on the ins and outs of software development.



Consultant and Developer

Kansas City, MO
  • Help clients plan projects, estimate timelines, and realize their ideas
  • Recommend technical solutions, architecture, and worfklow—outlining pros and cons
  • Recommend design and content strategies
  • Empower clients to make informed decisions by demystifying the complexities of design and software development
  • Communicate openly
  • Build responsive websites and applications that work well and look great across devices
  • Build prototypes to quickly actualize ideas when production-ready code isn’t appropriate
  • Build style guides to capture and document—in code—a given design’s component parts
  • Experience designing, prototyping, and building 10-foot UIs

Director of Engineering

Thismoment, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
  • Promoted to Director of Engineering within a week of being hired as a Senior Front-end Web Developer
  • Trained and mentored developers in the planning, estimating, and execution of work including troubleshooting, problem-solving, code resuse, and other best practices—boosting morale, increasing efficiency and client satisfaction
  • Interviewed numerous candidates and hired eight developers in a six month period, doubling the size of the client services engineering team and exponentially increasing the amount of client work the company could take on
  • Streamlined and documented numerous processes, increasing efficiency and communication and reducing the cost of goods sold—a key metric for the company overall
  • Streamlined and documented developer on-boarding, created a new hire checklist for developers and refined it with feedback from new hires and other managers as they began using it as well
  • Acted as a Product Manager, distilling incoming feature requests and feedback on existing features along with strategic goals into an actionable roadmap, prioritizing, defining requirements and scope, coordinating implementation, and responding to questions related to strategy, priority, business logic, and UI throughout implementation and post-launch
  • Took the initiative to kick-start projects with important business value, such as web-based media uploads for mobile and tablet devices
  • Regularly presented to developers, non-developers, clients, and executives, reviewing project plans, new features, new sites, leading code walk-throughs and discussions of best practices, and teaching classes on requested topics

Freelance Designer and Front-end Developer

San Francisco, CA
  • Hand coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for numerous websites and applications
  • Frequently contracted by designers and design firms to create production-ready front-end code to help ensure the subtleties and intentions of their designs were realized before any other external engineering resources began work
  • Designed, screenprinted, and letterpressed numerous posters and album covers for independent and experimental artists and musicians

Senior Interaction Designer

Flip Video at Cisco Systems, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
  • Created sketches, wireframes, interaction design specifications, and visual designs for FlipShare—the desktop, web, and mobile applications enabling playback and sharing of videos recorded on Flip Video cameras
  • Created prototypes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to demonstrate new video camera hardware and on-screen UI in a format that was easily accessible from any desktop or mobile web browser
  • Appointed Release Lead after excelling as a Feature Lead in my first release
  • As Release Lead, coordinated all UXD efforts to ensure we were meeting milestones and delivering comprehensive specifications and a cohesive vision across features and devices
  • Led user experience focused QA testing of in-development desktop software and web applications
  • Collaborated with external design firms on various projects
  • Regularly presented to the Directors of the Design, Engineering, Product, QA, and Marketing teams in addition to various scrum teams

Senior Front-end Web Developer

Songbird at Pioneers of the Inevitable
San Francisco, CA
  • Hand coded HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP for several projects including a redesign of the add-ons site, a complete redesign and rebranding of Songbird, and the migration of the company’s site from Drupal to WordPress
  • Created HTML/CSS templates for the add-ons site redesign, then used them to built out the view layer of a new Rails app
  • Extrapolated from the add-ons design and implemented a redesign of the remainder of consumer-facing websites
  • Experience with Agile development and Extreme Programming
  • Acted as an Interaction Designer, creating wireframes for Songbird’s integration of the 7digital music store
  • Acted as a Product Manager, researching, planning, and coordinating the implementation of Smart Playlists in the Songbird desktop application, defined requirements in the form of prioritized user stories, created design documents and a release plan

Senior Web Developer

Yahoo! Inc.
San Francisco, CA
  • Lead Front-end Web Developer for the World of Star Wars, a Lucasfilm-sponsored fansite
  • Hand coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the launch of several minisites
  • Reviewed the work of three other Developers
  • Ensured adherence to industrywide best practices as well as Yahoo!’s
  • Worked closely with Designers to ensure sites were true to the original mockups, incorporated any valuable feedback that arose during implementation, and made for the best user experience possible
  • Interviewed candidates and trained newly hired Front-end Web Developers

Production Manager (Engineering Manager)

CNET Networks Entertainment (GameSpot, GameFAQs,,
San Francisco, CA
  • Trained and mentored nine Technical Producers (Front-end Web Developers) and an Assistant Manager
  • Ensured the Production department’s role in the overall company workflow, including both the day-to-day services we provided to other departments and the execution of roadmap projects was effective, timely, innovative, and to the highest level of quality
  • Initiated, managed, and implemented projects that increased the Production department’s productivity and efficiency
  • Built strong relationships with the Product, Editorial, Sales, Marketing, Consumer Services, Project Management, Data, Design, and Development groups—collaborating in the planning and execution of all initiatives
  • Clearly communicated the Production department’s current priorities and projected turnaround time to all other departments
  • Hired six Technical Producers (Front-end Web Developers) during a period of rapid company growth
  • Established an Assistant Production Manager position and three distinct Technical Producer (Front-end Web Developer) positions with a corresponding leveling system
  • Secured increases for all Technical Producers (Front-end Web Developers) to match fair market value salary ranges
  • Secured additional increases for deserving employees
  • Completed multiple projects that had a direct impact on the business, improving overall company workflow and enabling us to provide first-rate real-time event coverage and unique sponsorship opportunities

Technical Producer (Front-end Web Developer)

CNET Networks Entertainment (GameSpot, GameFAQs,,
San Francisco, CA
  • Originally hired as a contractor, but brought on as a full-time employee in less than two months for completing projects ahead of schedule and demonstrating both an attention to detail and the ability to learn new things quickly
  • Daily tasks included producing HTML emails, batch-processing images, hand coding HTML and CSS for minisites and feature stories, general site maintenance, and bug fixing
  • Appointed Lead Technical Producer (Lead Front-end Web Developer) for large-scale projects within just a few months, hand coding HTML and CSS for several site launches and redesigns before being promoted to Production Manager
  • Inspired the VP of Technology to begin using the phrase “Jimmy Job” in reference to my front-end talents. Instead of referring to a hack job as you might think, the phrase quickly became synonomous with coming through in a pinch, going above and beyond, and generally speaking, doing a good job


Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude

Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, MD